Anti-Vaxxers Already Undermining Potential Coronavirus Vaccines

Vaccine research

For many, a COVID-19 vaccine can’t come soon enough, but vaccine opponents are already undermining "confidence in what could be humanity’s best chance to defeat the virus," the AP reports.

They’re spreading misinformation:

  • Vaccine trials will be rushed
  • Anthony Fauci is in cahoots with vaccine makers seeking to profit off the tragedy
  • Bill Gates wants to use a vaccine to inject people with microchips or curb the population.

They’ve also endorsed questionable treatments, stirred up fears about mandatory vaccinations, and aligned themselves with people resisting stay-at-home orders.

"Myths and misinformation about vaccines are adding fuel to the fire," said Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in remarks Monday to mark World Immunization Week. He called out vaccine skeptics for spreading misinformation at a time when many children are already missing out on routine vaccines because of the pandemic.

"It seems unimaginable that anyone would reject a coronavirus vaccine," writes Alex Hartlage in an exclusive commentary for Global Health NOW. Yet, he notes, the last 2 decades, vaccine hesitancy has risen so substantially that "old enemies once thought conquered are returning."

Cultural amnesia is largely to blame, Hartlage writes. "Vaccines largely erased fear of these diseases from our collective American consciousness; along with it, our sense of appreciation ... Now, however, that fear has been rekindled."

He sees promising signs, though, that humans—once again "forced to grapple with our own human frailty," will unite for the common good in a new era of social responsibility.