Treatment explained


Treatment against viral diseases have been a chimera until 1963. The discovery of antiviral drugs has always been an adaptable endeavour. The development of antiviral drugs is a very complex process., due to the elusive nature of the genetic material of viruses, being them DNA, RNA or retroviruses (such HIV).

In 1963, the first antiviral drug, idoxuridine, was approved. Since then, 90 antiviral drugs have been classified into 13 functional groups and have been formally approved for the treatment of 9 various human infectious diseases, from HIV to Hepatitis B, from Herpes to Influenza.

Developments in this area have been achieved through efforts and technical breakthroughs in Research and development scientific fields.
Given the magnitude of the worldwide situation and the urgency that calls for an effective drug to help the already infected people with COVID-19, once again, all over the world, scientists have already started to work hardly and around the clock to find such a treatment and fast.

On the other hand, the humanity in this moment is on the verge of economic fall, and if previously the scientists have been struggling with the scarcity of resources, today the situation is worse.

But with each person help, this can be improved.

Let’s get together and contribute to this cause, so our families and friends in need will have a hope for future.